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The State of Our World

By Mba @mbartoloabela

Love for God our Almighty Father has become largely absent in the hearts, minds and souls of humankind, making the world spiritually barren – a wilderness – once again as hope, charity and love have died in the hearts of many individuals. We experience great difficulty in acknowledging this reality to ourselves despite our dire global situation, for many of us never allowed ourselves to be wooed and seduced by Infinite Love. We categorically refuse. Thus we continue ‘moving ahead,’ struggling to comprehend; while miring ourselves ever-increasingly into the abyss of darkness.

In our discourses, policies, politics and practices, we speak about love when we do not know Who and what love is. We talk about freedom and pontificate on liberty, when we have no clue about their intrinsic nature. We profess to believe in Christianity and say we follow God’s desires, but many of us never bothered to enter into relationship with Him. Most of us, in fact, never experienced a true filial relationship with the Eternal Father. How can we, therefore, know Him, profess Him and lead others to Him, if we never developed the bond without which we cannot begin to know God? All this applies even to those who say they know Jesus Christ, for it is the Father who draws people to His Son (cf. Jn 6:44). Without God as Father there would be no Christ as Son and no one to draw us to Him.

We are proud and do not want to worship anyone other than ourselves. We do not want to bow our heads and knees. We are proud. We refuse to open our hearts because we do not want to humble ourselves in front of our Father. We expect God to accommodate us in our infinitely entitled ways as we do not want to change. We prefer, therefore, that our Father changes His ways to suit us, rather than the other way around. Like the Philistines, we want a god who fits in nicely with our notions of who and what God should be like. We do not want the Father to be our Father, despite this immutable reality. We want Him to be a God who will not inconvenience us; a God who does not upset the apple-carts of our lives.

We make ourselves forget that many of our ways violate our Father’s Will and break His Divine Heart, as we do not want to feel guilty and ashamed. So we latch onto our ‘rights’ and foreclose the only Father who has ever loved us with wholeness. We continue erecting false gods to worship then rationalize their existence under various euphemisms, setting aside the fact that these gods are no different in kind than the Ba’als of ancient times. We are steadfast in being neo-pagan desolate deserts once again instead of temples of the Living God, for we remain intent in foreclosing God the Father from both our hearts and souls, and the heart and soul of the world.

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