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The Start of My Journey with Slim Pod

By Catty212
I started my exciting journey with Slimpod earlier this week.
Already I feel different. I presume that means it's working. I feel much more positive and happier, and I am definitely thinking less about food.
Slimpod is an extremely simple way of retuning your brain and changing your relationship with food and inevitably helping you loose weight, and when I was given the opportunity to try it, I jumped at the chance. You basically listen to your Slimpod, which is a hypnotherapy track that lasts for just over 8 minutes, every day for 12 weeks. It's recommended that you either listen to it at night before bed or as you're waking up on a morning, either way you need to be able to concentrate on that alone, so a time that's quite with nothing else going on.
Providing it works it should change the way I think about food, and subconsciously help me reduce my portion sizes, eat more healthy and encourage me to exercise.
Since the start of my pregnancy and having the Little Man I feel my weight has spiralled out of control. I am the heaviest I have ever been and if I'm honest I feel pretty rubbish about it. I feel uncomfortable in my own skin, avidly avoid mirrors and the thought of going to buy clothes makes me feel sick!  
The start of my journey with Slim Pod
I want to loose weight but I feel really restricted and being in the house with a 7 week old baby. I often don't have time for a proper meal so instead I'll snack on biscuits or crisps and eat erractically. I am not used to being at home a lot of the time, I usually work 12 hour shifts or I'm out and about, this has reduced dramatically since the arrival of the little man, and any exercise other than walking with the pushchair is unlikely.
I've never tried anything like the Slimpod before, though I have tried every faddy diet known to man. I was a bit sceptical about the idea of the Slimpod, but was rather intrigued by the idea.
As well as the Audio Download the company provide other tools such as a Handbook, Goal Record and a 21 Day Diary. There is also a Members Only website with various useful resources and a Facebook Group, which you can be added too. In addition to this there are supportive and inspirational emails sent to your inbox.
It's suggested that you make obtainable goals when you start the program, so here are mine :-
  • To eat much smaller portions.
  • To do exercise in some shape or form at least twice a week
  • To stop making excuses for not doing either of the above!
Obviously I also really want to loose weight. I hope that the Slimpod helps with that too.
Today is day four of using the Slippod for me. I am yet to hear the recording to the end as Trevor Silvester (the man you'll hear when listening to your Slimpod) has an extremely soft and relaxing voice and he sends me to sleep, but apparently that doesn't matter as it works on your subconscious.
The morning after the first night listening I work up feeling much brighter and positive (something I've been lacking a little recently) and since then I have made healthier choices without evening thinking about it!
  • I've used smaller plates to eat meals on.
  • I've eaten A LOT more fruit and veg compared to pre Slimpod (eating it as snacks between meals aswell).
  • I've been out with the little man for a walk (even though some were very short)
  • I thought a lot less about food, I don't automatically reach for the biscuits when I make a cup of coffee.
I'll keep you updated regularly with how I get on with the Slimpod. I have no idea whether it will work or not, but I'm excited to find out.
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Thinking Slimmer
*I was sent the 'Drop Two Dress Sizes (Or More) Slimpod  for the purposes of doing this review. All opinions expressed are my own. No payment was received for this post*

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