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The Stakes And The Problem Of Security Of Cloud Computing In Business

Posted on the 15 November 2018 by Biznewsday

The Stakes And The Problem Of Security Of Cloud Computing In Business

The phenomenon of Cloud Computing has become widespread in recent years. Increasingly used by companies operating in various sectors, it is emerging as the new form of storage and data management. The Synergy Group research firm suggests in a 2016 report that the sector would weigh nearly 150 billion dollars! No wonder big companies like IBM, Google, Microsoft ... are fighting a fierce battle. Although it is booming, Cloud computing still has areas of darkness that it would be wise to clarify.

Understanding Cloud Computing?

The English word for "cloud computing" is an infrastructure in which storage and computing power are supported by remote servers to which users connect via a secure internet connection. The desktop, the laptop, the smartphone, the touchpad, and other connected objects become access points for running applications or data hosted on servers. The cloud is also characterized by its flexibility allowing suppliers to automatically adjust computing power and storage capacity to users' needs.

The Challenges Of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing involves significant economic challenges for businesses, whether it's a private, public, or hybrid cloud model.

Low Expenditure On Infrastructure

The upsetting technological transformation of IT infrastructure is making business investment obsolete faster. With cloud solutions, businesses realize savings by outsourcing the management of their sensitive data and infrastructure. Large organizations generally opt for a hybrid model in which the company manages part of its infrastructure and outsources the other. This can reduce maintenance and upgrade costs, reduce business costs and streamline expenses.

More Flexibility For The Company

The flexibility offered by the cloud system promotes responsiveness in organizations and provides unprecedented scalability to their information systems. The cloud promotes better responsiveness, especially by reducing the time required for simultaneous access and sharing among millions of users of an application. In addition to the flexibility it provides, the Cloud also provides different levels of access depending on the responsibilities of the company.

The Security Problem In Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing represents the top of IT outsourcing. It is expected and feared some loss of control over information systems. Several companies like Yahoo and Orange have been hacked the information of millions of users of their services.

In the case of a public cloud, the data and/or applications are entrusted to a third party over which there is weak control. Your data is protected by the law of the area where it is hosted.

If we do not know where they are staying, we also do not know the law that protects them. Recognizing the risk of this approach, France and Germany were trying to establish a European cloud to secure their strategic data and those of their companies. The question of restoring borders, even in Cloud Computing, remains current, as witnessed by the many initiatives of the German neighbor to establish a fully local Cloud Computing system that complies with the country's jurisdictions.

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