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The Spy Who Really Knew Nothing

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
One of the commenters on this blog was wrong recently, and I must call him out.
About two weeks ago it became known that a member of the Neturei Karta had tried to become a spy for Iran. I questioned what sort of secrets he had to offer them and expressed no surprise that the Iranians had rejected his offer. A commenter joked that he could have told them where to buy good kugel yerushalmi.
The spy who really knew nothingToday we have confirmation that commenter Cosmic X was wrong. I feel bad calling out a commenter, but I feel I must.
Mynet wrote about the story and spoke to fellow members of the Neturei Karta and people who know him. They basically deny that he had anything to do with them - they hardly saw him. They also dismissed the possibility that he would have been a spy and that they knew nothing about his trips to Berlin. They said, and I quote in translated English, "and if he traveled to Berlin, so what? What information could he have told them? He did not even know information about kugel for Shabbos and would not have been able to give that over to them. We are talking about a person who had no knowledge about anything."
There you have it. he could not have even told the Iranians where to get a good piece of Kugel Yerushalmi.
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