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Posted on the 21 December 2012 by Brutallyhonest @Ricksteroni

by guest blogger, BroKen

I want to punch McDonalds in the nose! That may not be an appropriate expression for a pastor to make, but I feel it. Let me explain.

Scrooge mcdonald

Several years ago, as a merchandizer for Coca-Cola, I filled the shelves, built displays, and cleaned up the back rooms of large grocery stores which bought semi-loads of Coke products. One year Krogers decided to be open on Thanksgiving day. Since they were open, we would have to work.

I was naive and thought, “No one will come shopping on Thanksgiving. They will all be home with their families.” Well... the place was packed! I wanted to run through the aisles crying out, “GO HOME! GO HOME! DON'T YOU REALIZE YOU ARE KILLING THANKSGIVING!?” I didn't, of course. I just did my job and went home, tired but grateful for the work.

Now, I just found out that McDonalds restaurants will be open on Christmas day. It makes me want to pull out my hair and scream, “WHY KILL CHRISTMAS!?”

I've told some local managers that I think it is a terrible policy. They agree with me, but orders are orders. One employee told me that they used to say, “If you can get enough volunteers, you can open on Christmas.” Apparently, they don't say that anymore. If you are scheduled, you have to work. You see how it progresses.

I called McDonalds to complain. I was told that 85% of their stores are franchises that can do what they want. Sure, they pass the buck. They don't want to take responsibility but they have it. If they told those owners that McDonalds will not be open, they would not be open on Christmas.

Of course, they will make a lot of money. But a main point of any holiday is that there are some things that are more important than making money. McDonalds and the people who go there on Christmas are saying, “No, there is nothing more important!”

It isn't the franchise owners or the McDonalds executives who make financial calculations that really make me angry. They are just as deluded as the poor souls who think a Big Mac is a fitting substitute for turkey and dressing or ham will all the fixings. No, it is the spirit behind those decisions; the spirit of Scrooge. Well, it is probably an even more slimy spirit than that old crank. The spirit is what I really want to punch.

I think I will go to McDonalds, order a cup of water (which they will give me for free, though it costs them a few cents for the cup and ice), give the person who waits on me a tip (a quarter would be enough, but a dollar would make an impact), and explain why. “That's for you. I won't buy from Scrooge. Sorry you have to work for him.” It's not much of a punch, but if enough people did it, they might feel a pinch.


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