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The #SottoPlagiarismProtest, from Where I Sat

By Gibbs22manila @gibbscadiz
I came in a bit late into the viral Twitter campaign, which started this way, according to The hashtag was started by Twitter user Brian Paul Giron (@tikbalang), a history lecturer from the Ateneo de Manila University, Thursday, August 23 as an act of protest against Sotto's plagiarism.
“Senator Sotto needs to learn that the internet will fight back when you abuse it; and there is no excuse for plagiarism,” he tweeted. “In protest of his defense of plagiarism I will begin misattributing quotes to Senator Sotto and using the hash tag #SottoPlagiarismProtest.”
Other netizens immediately ride on the online 'fun' upon seeing the trending topic
: [Below, some of the featured tweets on the Rappler story--]
• @ja_delima: "I did my best, but I guess my best wasn't good enough." #SottoPlagiarismProtest di ko alam kung tama yung pagkakaintindi ko dito ano.
• @mmmeeya: "Will the real Slim Shady, please stand up?!" -Tito Sotto #SottoPlagiarismProtest
• @dearbakla: "E2 n bagong roaming ko. Npdla q n mga package. Msta n kyo jan?" - Tito Sotto III #SottoPlagiarismProtest
• @danpatacsil: "I was not informed! I should have been informed!" - Tito Sotto #SottoPlagiarismProtest
• @rynrdny: "Isa po akong psychology." - Tito Sotto #SottoPlagiarismProtest
• @Kobe_Lai: "No! I don't feel any pressure right now!" - Tito Sotto #SottoPlagiarismProtest
• @jeffcrisostomo: "#Meynteyn!" - Senator Tito Sotto. #SottoPlagiarismProtest
• @serahrivera: "I was never your partner, I'm just your Wife" - Tito Sotto #SottoPlagiarismProtest
• @Innoduhhh: "Akala mo wala. Pero meron! Meron!" - Tito Sotto III #SottoPlagiarismProtest HAHAHA
What a wickedly on-target campaign, I thought. I just had to jump in with my own volley, the tweets flying out furiously as I desperately wracked my brains for pop-culture quotes and doggerel that others hadn't used yet. Sige nga, guess where these lines came from:
'Thank you very much. Ito na ang pinakamasayang pasko at manigong bagong taon sa inyong lahat!' -- Tito Sotto #SottoPlagiarismProtest
'Oo ate, oo ate! Puro na lang ako oo ate! Daig ko pa ang manikang desusi!' -- Atty CoS to his boss, Tito Sotto #SottoPlagiarismProtest
'You're nothing but a second-rate, trying-hard copycat!' -- Tito Sotto (this time to Pia Cayetano). #SottoPlagiarismProtest
'Charoterang isprikitik, magpasense ka vahkler!' -- Sotto's CoS to Natasha Campbell-McBride website (in vain, lol) #SottoPlagiarismProtest
'Ipagpatawad mo... aking kapangahasan.' -- Tito Sotto (in an alternate universe) #SottoPlagiarismProtest
'Keep off the grass.' -- Tito Sotto's motto in life. #SottoPlagiarismProtest
'You. Complete. Me.' -- Tito Sotto (to his Chief of Staff). 'You had me at 'according to'.' -- Atty. CoS #SottoPlagiarismProtest
'Walang tubig, walang pagkain... eh di mangopya na lang tayo!' -- Tito Sotto #SottoPlagiarismProtest
'The family that prays together... has only one rosary.' -- Tito Sotto #SottoPlagiarismProtest
'God was with us when we did it!' -- Tito Sotto #SottoPlagiarismProtest
'My chief of staff is not a pig! Isa siyang plankton!' -- Tito Sotto #SottoPlagiarismProtest
Among my tweets, this one got retweeted the most number of times (36):
'And now the Chief Plagiarist of the Republic of the Philippines wishes to be excused!' -- Tito Sotto #SottoPlagiarismProtest
But my favorite is from a friend, @kidlatdakila, who sent in this gem:
“I don't deserve to be treated like this. I care about my job, sir. I care about you.” -- Tito Sotto's Chief of Staff #SottoPlagiarismProtest
And all this because, as Man Booker Prize-winning author Miguel Syjuco pointed out:
“Make no mistake, Sotto’s plagiarism should concern every one of us. For those who support the bill, Sotto has affronted with denials, delays, lies, and obfuscations. For those who oppose the bill, Sotto has shortchanged a chance to present valid, properly researched, up-to-date arguments. For Filipinos of either stripe, Sotto has thumbed his nose at intellectual property rights, political accountability, and even good manners. He’s insulted our intelligence. He’s insulted us—we, the Filipino people...
“What’s left for us but words? If these leaders debase civic discourse, perhaps we can only stoop to their level. If they make a mockery of integrity and concerned citizenship, perhaps mockery’s what they deserve. If words can be rendered so valueless, does it matter what anyone says?
“So here I go.
“Sotto: You’ve been exposed as a liar and a thief. You make us laugh, with a character who puts his foot in his mouth so often we hardly notice, partly because it’s so habitual, partly because he resembles a foot (despite mustache camouflage).
“Villacorta: Smegma should be scrubbed away. There’s not enough green phlegm in the world for a loogie befitting your thick faces, metaphorically speaking.
“Such words may offend the offenders, but the intention’s not to insult but to illustrate. Because (don’t you get it yet?) these are mere words, echoing the views of others, and on the Internet at that. Go ahead, file a complaint.
“To your parliamentary immunity I invoke poetic license: Saying Sotto’s like a sticky nugget of brown kulangot is meant purely as personal opinion, presented as simile, offered as hyperbole, expressed artistically to parody your actions, released online into the public domain.”

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