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The SOLD OUT Gen Con 50 Was Unbelievable

By Melody Schubert @USATM
The SOLD OUT Gen Con 50 Was Unbelievable
It's was a record setting year for Gen Con - an unbelievable turn out! We met people from all over the globe, gaming areas were super busy, and the beer garden had some of the best local food and local beer. It is astonishing how this gaming convention has continued to grow each year; with over 207,000 just this year alone. Interestingly,  they actually sold out of all the badges, which I don't think has ever happened. Many people very upset because of the lack of badges available since a lot of people travel from all over the world to come to Gen Con.
A word of advice - Next year it's a good idea to get the pre-registered badges as fast as you can. Info about that and further help is at the end of this page.
Yes, Gen Con is the longest-running gaming convention in the world.
It strives each year to bring us the best in gaming along with top entertainment as well as reaching out to help the community. Not only do they have games of every kind they have art for sale and various live action games kids and adults can play. In fact, Gen Con raised over $26,000 for local charity partner Child Advocates.
“Child Advocates was so excited to be the official charity partner of Gen Con 50,” said Cynthia K. Booth, Executive Director of Child Advocates, Inc. “Our excitement gave way to true appreciation as we realized how Gen Con attendees took our mission to heart:  a safe and permanent home for our children.  Many children's lives will be forever changed by Gen Con's generosity.”
Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen!
What about the events and exhibitors? With over 500 exhibitors I for sure found something cool to take home - my other team mates and I love the Mystery Boxes - always something fun inside! Yes they are a bit pricy just to warn you, some are $150 all the way down to $6. But this year when you bought any two boxes you got the $6 one for free. The boxes come in a variety of themes with a wild selection of stuff pertaining to that genre.
Gen Con 50 reached out to everyone to make us all feel like part of a big family. There were people everywhere, so if you needed help with something all you had to do was ask. That was especially helpful when checking out the gaming at Lucas Oil Stadium - what a amazing place to game. And, did you catch the concert!
The concert was They Might Be Giants,  and we ended up getting VIP seating so we went straight to the ground floor right in front of the stage. They were very poppy and funny in their lyrics which was refreshing. Also each member basically had their own solo during one song or another. That was an amazing show and the seats were filled all with Gen Con attendees only.
NOTE: Be aware that when they have a concert like this that No bags are allowed inside the concert or event at Lucas Oil Stadium. And, the convention center doesn't have lockers so make sure to ask by phone if it is okay to bring bags to any event.
As we continue to go each year we make new friends and associates, which makes the convention that much better. It is nice being able to go to such a huge event and be able to see artists, writers, actors and feel invited to converse with them. I have a friend named Lydia Burris that is an artist, and she is almost always there so I make sure to say hi and buy some of her art. She has done pieces for many celebrities like Sammy Terry, a local Indiana favorite. Another huge piece she did was the album cover for a band called Twisted, which is a clown makeup wearing band. Really, it's about like minds gathering to celebrate creativity and share their love of gaming and arts - that's what Gen Con is about!

Look Forward To Seeing You At Gen Con Next Year - August 2-5, 2018

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