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The Snowdrop Odyssey Ends at Home

By Ozhene @papaver
I have made a few snowdrop visits this year and I have thoroughly enjoyed my travels.  I am very fond of snowdrops as they are a sign of winter coming to an end.  They are also just cheerful little flowers.  To be honest the snowdrops were probably more an excuse to get out and go for a walk, have a good chat and find cake.  It made the darkest weeks of winter go by much more easily than usual.
So I finish this snowdrop odyssey with a look around my own garden.  When I first moved into this house there was one small clump of snowdrops by the gate that divides the front garden to the back.
The snowdrop odyssey ends at home There were just a few when I first moved here, since then I have had to divide them as they were getting congested and I think they might get spread out a bit further again this year.
The snowdrop odyssey ends at home I bought some snowdrops in my first winter here and planted a few in the driveway, this little clump has bulked up quite well and will also be divided soon.  When I first bought snowdrops for this garden I bought 200 or so a year of dried bulbs.  As I write this I can hear people sighing and even sniggering as they will not be surprised to hear that probably only 50% of these ever started to grow.  This is immensely disappointing when it happens and it was only from reading various garden magazines that I realised that buying 'in the green' was the best way forward.  I now only buy in the green and it is far more satisfactory.
The snowdrop odyssey ends at home I largely plant snowdrops around the edges of the Wild Garden.  Some are forming some nice clumps now, almost a little drift, a driftini?
The snowdrop odyssey ends at home This little planting is mainly from last year's snowdrop purchase and whilst they are not clumpy, they are growing and next year I expect to see more.
The snowdrop odyssey ends at home I am in the habit of buying snowdrops every time I visit a snowdrop garden.  Just a little pot, usually spending no more than £3 or £4.  I plant them in specific places like these three by the medlar tree and note where I have planted them in my garden journal.  If I re-visit a garden then I will plant further purchases nearby so it becomes that particular area.
The snowdrop odyssey ends at home I am so pleased I will be dividing clumps this year as well as buying another 200 (in the green).  It is not quite a snowdrop garden yet....
The snowdrop odyssey ends at home but check back in about ten years and I reckon it could be by then.
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