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The Smiling Asura. Seeing the World Through Mobile, Travelling Without

By Luphil

It’s a complex matter – best told in story-form. It is not so easy to understand, and when you read it on the web, it is very probable that you quickly scan the text but not read, and when you read, you might just take it in with your cognitive brain, maybe quickly putting a “like” on “social” media but not letting it in. No time! the mind runs like crazy…
Recent brain research showed that digital reading is good for cognitive reception but reading on paper is better for transformative knowledge, transforming one’s life. Enough foreword…

The pictures of mobiles in this article are no criticism but done with a smiling eye. I’m also photographing a lot – with a camera. In case of personality complaints, please let me know and I will exchange the photo….

The Smiling Asura. Seeing the World through Mobile, Travelling Without
The group traveling to Bangalore airport

An introduction

This is not a private story about an aspect aof my life, but I use this perspective as an intro for the main story, which comes later:

I stopped seeing TV around 9/11, in 2001, sometimes seeing a movie in a plane, very little YouTube. I prefer reading newspaper articles, going into what I read. I intensely follow what is going on in the world. Already as a child, I had very strong inner images which later led me to painting; when reading a book, I quickly “fell into it”. And when looking a crime story, the suspense frequently made me run out of the room.

The Smiling Asura. Seeing the World through Mobile, Travelling Without
Selfies in Pithapuram

In my former profession as head of web office of Swiss Red Cross, I was responsible for all digital communication instruments as per their content side – internet, intranet, central photo photo archives – until I was “set free” seven years ago, free for my way. There already, people used to run around with mobile. I felt, it would be too overwhelming for my perception, blurring my discrimination. As an excuse, I used to tell that my hearing was not good – it was only half true. I didn’t want to get into “digital morphine”, putting people’s inner side with hyperaction to sleep. Now they talk in the media about the need for digital detox, offering courses for managers about digital fasting.

During the last decade, mobiles made a triumphal march over the globe, entering into remotest corners. I could not escape, didn’t want to be a dinosaur refusing it. I’m extremely active with PC and, when travelling, with laptop. No quick photo publication – selected views, images cut-out and processed. Since some years, we have a family mobile, we just use it “immobile” at home, as a “modem” to enter into WhatsApp. My wife using it as a means for her trance therapy work, working remotely with people who don’t have a computer or don’t physically come. And me for interacting with family members and WTT. Since years, however, I’m studying the digital marketing tricks of big data business and follow the latest developments via a daily newsletter. So I came to see the big players as monsters, some of them massively manipulating, with a mask of innocence, elections and political decision. Making big money with little to no ethics. “Do no harm” of early Google is no longer at use.

No need for fear when reading the following passages, it will come to a good end of the story!

The Smiling Asura. Seeing the World through Mobile, Travelling Without
Fire ritual

In Europe, governments and data privacy protection offices are trying to fight the supranational Hydras, often without success. The big players are very powerful. Especially the Mark Zuckerberg Empire stands foremost in the manipulation game, from the very beginning, – denying it in public, putting on a smiling face. And everybody uses WhatsApp – in WTT it is used especially in India for bringing plenty of pictures and information “for free” to the members, who need to join to “follow”. You cannot escape when you want to follow.

Nobody thinks of what is being done with the data – things which are directly opposite to the principles the WTT stands for:
Big scale image recognition, profiling people, targeting ads, delivering content individually tailored for the personality profile of the receiver to most effectively manipulate on a mass scale. Yesterday, the media reported: “Facebook policy chief Nick Clegg reaffirms the social network’s decision to continue allowing advertising with political content. Twitter and Google, however, have banned politically motivated ads on their platforms.” Not to speak of what China, the biggest player, does. Incredible “total immersion”, keeping over a billion people under central control – for the “well-being of the state”.

One of the latest developments is voice recognition based marketing, analysing all what is communicated via speech – for better targeting ads etc., combining mobile data with the behavior portraits of the surfers.

The Smiling Asura. Seeing the World through Mobile, Travelling Without
Distribution of sewing machinges to unemployed women

About two years ago, while uploading photos to Google Photo, I saw a function for identifying friends. I wrote the name of a friend – and I got hundreds of photos with her in most intimous situations, at group lives, while traveling – often, I did not recognize her face at first sight, but Google did. And these were not pictures she had uploaded. Data protection, privacy? A joke. Digital profiling in a mass scale. Yesterday, the media reported that 3 billion photos were sucked off the web by a private Silicon Valley company with a big investor. We try to comply on WTT related websites with European data protection standards but these trends go directly against.

The Smiling Asura. Seeing the World through Mobile, Travelling Without
Ritual at a Ganesha statue at Tekkali Village

At the recent seminars in India – like at the last international group lives – the entire ongoing group communication was done via mobile and WhatsApp – when, where, what is happening – it is so practical, and all have a mobile. Except me, I think. I didn’t want to be washed away by an overkill of information, not only via this channel but by other people trying to contact me this way. They can do it via e-mail. The triage of relevant and irrelevant information needs time and energy and deviates the focus I’m trying to uphold. At the seminar, I told two friends to keep me updated. It worked fine. I even once spoke with my wife via mobile WhatsApp of a friend – my laptop didn’t get connection or only a very low one, for a week. (Later, I got a mobile internet connection from the group of WTT India for the communication activities, a great help.)

Already at December Call celebration in Bangalore, Master Kumar said:

“The teachings of every hierarchy member shall have to be related to. You have no more time for mobile, for silly messages. They are all silly messages from people with experience. There are very silly messages through WhatsApp. You are wasting your time and wasting others time. It is meant to send a simple communication, not to use it because it is free. If they charged 100 rupies for every message, everything would stop. Calls also have become free with WhatsApp. So you call to America and speak for 30-40-50 minutes. Sheer waste of time and energy. Instead why can you not relate to this which is the higher dimension relating to Hierarchy. Hierarchy is the highest dimension relating to humanity and we think we are following some kind of discipleship.”

Recently, a scientist wrote in a Swiss magazine: “When you want to do something effective against global warming, stop taking selfies” – all the infrastructure behind consumes tremendous amounts of energy. Especially the endless Netflix etc. stream entertainment – an easy way to anesthetize your brain.

The Smiling Asura. Seeing the World through Mobile, Travelling Without
An Indian group member at Tekkali photographing the group of Westerners

At the January WTT seminar in Visakhapatnam, things got more intense for me, utmost intensity. Most sublime teachings, multi-directional inputs from people, intense talks with key persons, developing ideas for future developments, for projects. At a question-answer session, I gave a strong word of warning to the group as per the use of WhatsApp etc. There was a good reply by Sri Kumar, here are my notes:

“In humanity there is always an abuse; abuse is common because there is ignorance. Men of knowledge are few, people are stuck by one side or the other. A roller-coaster situation, abuse is about to happen… Humanity is the only species which has discrimination. See what is relevant to us; whatever is relevant to us is not relevant to others. We might be in a huge jungle we may… we can’t change the whole jungle except by prayer. Immediately it will have an impact on us. It will take time from humanity.

There is some negative coming out of humanity, very few use discrimination. We see what is relevant and what is relevant. It is very well possible. That is why we need to grow with discriminative will. We get more guided by conscience, discriminative will.

The Smiling Asura. Seeing the World through Mobile, Travelling Without
At Tekkali Village

Whatever Ludger said is in every dimension of humanity, not only in internet – gold invented, misused, slowly balanced. In the 2nd half of last century, the use of fertilizers, they did great harm to the agriculture. Sometimes we learn through ignorance, through foolishness, we make experiments, experiments settle as wisdom. We keep learning by this example, … health is gone from humans and animals, we realise, slowly there is a direction in the production into another direction. Now they have realised that smoking has a very negative impact on health, still some are smoking, smoking; non-smokers were more affected by smoking.
We need to change the planet to an understanding what is a right understanding. “I don’t use it” – not using is not a solution, right use is important.

The world offers many things, be discriminate, develop the conscience, don’t send messages of WhatsApp, when there is no relevance for you, don’t look at it. That is how we use discrimination, use meditation as means to calm down, to develop inner consciousness, the antaratma (inner self), that will help to eliminate certain activities in relation to us and to the group.

We don’t have to criticise, that is Aquarian. We get into the subtler side, it is Aquarian. Make an appropriate use of the right side and don’t get into the (wrong one). The more and more you are negative, judgemental about others – we don’t touch what is black – the more and more we discuss about it, we strengthen it. Don’t get into the path of ignorance, look for light everywhere and don’t get into darkness.

The black ones try to use the others to propagate them. The negativity in us is a deception. … We as students of goodwill see the light side of it, don’t criticize the dark side of it. … You slowly disassociate from people but do not entertain the negative side, if you entertain it it is in you. Be neutral to the negative and be attractive to the positive side. That is how we need to take to the positive side. Make a good use of the good side of the developments coming to us, it is contributing to human progress. In science there is open thinking, but the sciences are under the thumb of the barbarians on the planet who control the whole of humanity. We don’t have to deny the sciences; take the positive side of all the science. Let it be so with all of us.”

The Smiling Asura. Seeing the World through Mobile, Travelling Without
At Tekkali Village

A member from Spain introduced me to Microsoft Teams, explaining to me how he uses it for his course organisation and interaction, the structure set up by a friend. Chat and collaboration instruments, file sharing, and video calling. And it runs on PC/laptop/mobile without being bound to mobile. I found it thrilling, thought, “what’s the catch for Microsoft to give the basic version for free?” I know that Microsoft is a much more integer player when it comes to dealing with data. I had several discussions with IT specialists of WTT. It seems to be a way out of the challenge of using digital instruments for group work, interchange and collaboration. Of course, there are also other tools. Plenty of ideas rushed in. It will take time to evaluate and test. I started testing the app but: “Take to turtle speed, not the speed of a rabbit.”

Last year, I had a strong warning as per my health with a brain bleeding. I realised, I have to slow down, take away pressure. This is most needed, especially in the present time and with the present challenges. I’m daily walking for a while in nature, ponder and observe. Keeping longer times of silence to center inside. The inner guidance will lead through the times of rough weather.

In all of this, I had to think of the story from Puranas of Aghasura, the enormous serpent-demon which wanted to devour Krishna and his friends. The cowherd boys innocently entered its mouth, mistaking it for a mountain cavern. After seeing this, Krishna then came to their rescue, killing Aghasura. In a way, the mobiles look like the many heads of a serpent devouring the attention. But help comes, when you turn inward and stay strongly aligned to the soul.

The Smiling Asura. Seeing the World through Mobile, Travelling Without

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