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The Smallest Species

By Azanimals @azanimals
Bumblebee Bat Bumblebee Bat We know so much more about the animals that we share our planet with than we ever thought we could, but, are the unseen species affected by the fact that they are simply too small to "worry" about? Many of the world's smallest creatures inhabit specific environments without even being spotted so here are the world's smallest animals:

MAMMAL - Kitti's Hog-nosed BatSize: 2.9cm - 3.3cm longLocation: ThailandConservation Status: Critically EndangeredFun Fact: It is also known as the Bumblebee Bat!

BIRD - Bee HummingbirdSize: 5.7cm - 6.2cm tallLocation: CubaConservation Status: ThreatenedFun Fact: The beak and tail make up half it's length!

Dwarf Gecko
Dwarf Gecko REPTILE - Dwarf GeckoSize: 1.3cm - 1.6cm longLocation: CaribbeanConservation Status: Least ConcernFun Fact: Can fit comfortably on a US quarter!

FISH - PaedocyprisSize: 0.7cm - 0.9cm longLocation: SumatraConservation Status: ThreatenedFun Fact: Survives in tropical pools of acidic water!

AMPHIBIAN - Monte Iberia EleuthSize: 0.9cm - 1.1cm longLocation: CubaConservation Status: Critically EndangeredFun Fact: Confined to just two remote forests!

Fairyfly INSECT - FairyflySize: 0.02cm - 0.4cm longLocation: WorldwideConservation Status: Not KnownFun Fact: There are more than 1,400 different species!

INVERTEBRATE - RotiferaSize: 0.01cm - 0.05cm longLocation: Waters WorldwideConservation Status: Not KnownFun Fact: They are microscopic, aquatic animals!

DOG - Yorkshire TerrierSize: 20cm - 22cm tallLocation: Native to EnglandConservation Status: DomesticFun Fact: The most popular toy breed in the US!

Singapura CAT - SingapuraSize: 15cm - 20cm tallLocation: Native to SingaporeConservation Status: DomesticFun Fact: It is known as the cat of love in Singapore!

HUMAN - Khagendra Thapa MagarSize: 0.67m (2ft 2.5in) tallLocation: Baglung District of NepalStatus: Born 1992 (Now 18)Fun Fact: Known as Little Buddha by local villagers!

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