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the Slippery Slope of Women Learning First Aid

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
According to INN, the Eida is upset about a new initiative in one of the Haredi girl seminaries of Jerusalem.
The initiative is to offer an extracurricular course in first aid and medical studies.
The Eida, in its newsletter, is upset that this will be a slippery slope and graduates of the course will end up going to emergency scenes, under the guise of saving lives, and from there they'll go on to more things of which there are no need to describe.
"Seminar HaChadash" has, reportedly, printed up a brochure promoting this new course so as to teach graduates to be able to deal with events that might happen in public places, such as in school and other such places.

the slippery slope of women learning first aid

you won't see this logo on the course described...

The Eida says that this course, offered in coordination with Ichud Hatzalah and aopproved by the Ministry of Education is even "dangerous" for men to participate in, but to find a way for women to enter the world of Hatzalah is bordering on destroying the entire concept of Kol Kvoda Bas Melech Pnima - the honor of a woman is inside. They suggest, consider if there is God forbid an event, and women who have graduated such a course with certification as a medic are in the area, they will run to assist out of a concern of pikuach nefesh... and the road is paved from there to doing sheirut leumi (National Service).
The Eida rejects the claim that the course is intentioned to give them the ability to be medical escorts on class trips and other activities, as "one must be naive to think that people who invested 3700nis to attain the certification as a medic will then make sure to only use it for class trips and situations that arise just a few times each year." Rather, they will eventually also join ZAKA and Hatzalah and other such services and we will see seminar-graduate women donning the emergency responder vests running around, while the Secular will be happy about another principle having been abandoned.
To contrast this, the Ezras Nashim group of female responders in NY has gone live, so maybe they have a point, if you consider that type of thing bad..

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