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The Six Lee Fall-Winter 2015 Collection in Review

By Attireclub @attireclub

Belgian menswear brand Six Lee unveiled its fall-winter 2015 collection with a series of photographs shot by Zeb Daemen featuring model Jonathan Bauer Hayden.

The brand is known for its truly unconventional aesthetic, always playing with interesting proportions and styles that seem to have landed from another dimension.

This collection did not fall far from the company's point of view, as it featured a sharp and modern approach to contemporary menswear.

One of the main elements of the collection was the constant play with cuts, proportions and colors. The garments featured a combination of soft and strong colors, a wave-like rhythm of silhouettes and a play with narrow proportions that opened up to wider silhouettes.

The geometric shapes that characterized this collection came in a series of wondrous colors that gave a sense of balance between the timey/classic and the very new. The sensitive interpretation and update of a 1970s aesthetic was created by mixing contrasting colors, textures and the use of great wool. What we found especially interesting about this collection was the way in which designer Six Lee managed to use mostly neutral colors, but make them seem that they are in fact non-neutral colors.

Moreover, another remarkable thing about this collection is the use of color, shape and cut in such a way that every piece can be dressed up and down, according to the wearer's needs. Therefore, the clothes from this Six Lee collection are both luxurious and dressy, but casual and practical at the same time. The particularity of this collection was also given by the special details, such as the special under collars, pockets and plackets.

The oversized frock coats, bomber jackets and other jackets were inspired by the vintage pieces of a 1980s French womenswear brand called Claude Montana.

The pieces of this collection are real fashion statements, in the sense that they are wearable, but their aesthetic such a creative one that they can be also seen as coming from the "fashion as art" part of style. The mix of retro and modern makes this collection extremely versatile as well. Given the unique aesthetic with which the designer worked, these clothes can be worn with both highly futuristic clothes and with vintage items as well.

Such a collection is a great source of inspiration, because it has so many sources of inspiration that stand at its basis. The romantic feel of the collection is given by many songs and films that served as the starting point of this collection will not leave anyone disappointed.

To conclude, we can say that a collection that offers its wearers so many possibilities, while still maintaining a unique and special look, is definitely a collection that has a very high (cultural) value.

Take a look at our favorite looks from the collection and why we like them by flipping through the gallery below:

Fraquoh and Franchomme

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