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The Single Life: Tuber - Smoked Up Notes

Posted on the 28 February 2012 by Ripplemusic
The Single Life: Tuber - Smoked Up Notes
This was a sweet surprise. Thanks Racer.
I first discovered Tuber while Bandcamp browsing last year and I immediately downloaded their free, self-titled ep after streaming their four tracks of superb instrumental desert-rock music. This power trio from Greece offer up a touch of trippy with plenty of heavy guitars and pounding grooves, believe me.
I was more than happy to learn in Racer's email that Tuber have recently added a new single, "Smoked Up Notes", to their free digital catalog.
Nice. I love that title. It's perfect, especially for someone who calls himself 'Heddbuzz', right?
The song itself is excellent, too. "Smoked Up Notes" sounds amazing and it's almost seven minutes long. It starts out with hypnotic guitars and and a steady swagger but the heavy is just around the bend. And heavy it is. Uber-heavy. Tuber-heavy...and all smoked-up.
Yeah, man, I'll recommend Tuber to anyone who enjoys instrumental desert-rock. Check 'em out and download some free music already. Damn.

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