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The Single Life - 7 Inches of Fun - Featuring: War Injun/Doomdogs, The Glorious Rebellion, and Romero

Posted on the 02 March 2015 by Ripplemusic
The stack of 7" vinyl on my desk waiting to listen to is at least 4 feet tall. Not all are new, in fact most are old, but it doesn't matter. My task is to shine the light on quality music new or old. So let's dig in, shall we?
The Single Life - 7 inches of Fun - featuring: War Injun/Doomdogs, The Glorious Rebellion, and Romero War Injun/Doomdogs 7" Split
Two top-notch quality bands of fierce rocking doom.  War Injun is up first with their brand of  power doom, and that's an apt description for what they bring. War Injun is all about the riff delivered with rapid-fire verses halted by a more foreboding chorus. The varied pace adds drama. The guitar tone is flawless, obliterating everything in its path. Doomdogs don't miss a beat with their flip side.  A bit more ponderous and plodding than War Injun with gruffer vocals, still it's a nice slab of heavy doom, thick enough to strangle most species.  Svart Records put this slab out and they have some in stock for the outrageous price of 0.50 Euro!  That's like 70 cents!  You owe it to yourself!

The Single Life - 7 inches of Fun - featuring: War Injun/Doomdogs, The Glorious Rebellion, and Romero The Glorious Rebellion - My Resume is a Suicide Note b/w Thanks to AA, I'm the DD
A pair of maniacal rantings of quasi-hardcore/metal/sludge crossover madness.  Heavy as hell with enough venom in the vocals to alert mental health professionals everywhere.  Hard to find a good comparison here, but maybe Acid Bath mixed with Unsane in a padded room with a lit stick of dynamite in the middle.  Combustible, flammable, aggressive and certain to incite a riot in midtown America.
Courtesey of Magnetic Eye Records, still has some of these gorgeous slabs in stock.  Just don't expect a leisurely Sunday morning with this beast screaming from your speakers.

The Single Life - 7 inches of Fun - featuring: War Injun/Doomdogs, The Glorious Rebellion, and Romero Romero - Solitaire b/w El Sentido Morboso
A real old one here, way back to 2010 but one that is still available (check out Heavy Ripples where you can find one for only $5).  This one is worth talking about again.  Take an unholy fusion of  Black Sabbath, Clutch, Neurosis and Sleep, and you'll find the mutated ugly beast that is Romero. Formed in 2009 Romero is a blend of stoner/rock and mastodon-sized doom metal. The EP opens with “Solitaire”, a six and half minute howitzer cannon blast to the gut, with it’s slow, low-tuned guitars creeping out of the speakers that all kinda muddies itself into one drone of thick, muscular doom a la Sleep and Neurosis.  “El Sentido Morboso” picks up the pace a bit, being more rock oriented with some damn fine groove in the bass.  Simply put, "El Sentido" rocks with the best of them.  A quality band and one definitely worth catching up on.
-- Racer

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