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The Show Should Go on

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Rav Firer decided to cancel his fundraising event so as not to be involved in such machlokes. He said he has never been involved in arranging fundraising events.
To remind you, an event was organized for the general public to raise funds for Rav Firer's organization Ezra Lamarpeh that helps people find the right doctors and treatments, among other things in the medical field. The organizer had asked bands to participate in the event, but when a band was one that included females, he told them only the men should participate but not the women. When a reporter asked a band member about it, it became a hot topic and some of the performers backed out, not wanting to participate in the event that excluded women. Many spoke out against the exclusion of women and many spoke out against the movement to ban the event because of the exclusion of women. Other performers said they would perform in honor of Rav Firer even though they normally oppose excluding women.
I still think from everything I have read that the fault is not with the performers or even the journalist, and it is definitely not with Rav Firer, but the fault lays with the person who was responsible for making the arrangements. He could easily have done it in a way that would be respectful and honor Rav Firer's religious needs but it seems he tried to sneak it through without people realizing and was deceitful about his intentions.
Regardless of that, it is a shame the event was canceled, and it is a shame it became such a big fight. Even if I do not approve of a specific organization or event or something an organization did, does not mean I need to shut it down and go nuclear. We need to find ways to live together and respect each other's needs and lifestyles. There were enough performers willing to participate that the show could have gone on. So some people would not have gone to the concert, and many others would have.
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