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the Shaver Goy

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
You've heard of the "Shabbos Goy"... now we've got the "Shaver Goy"...
A group of rabbis form a beis din in Bnei Braq, the beis din of Rav Silman, decided it was time to give kashrut certification to electric shavers.
To that end, they began looking into a variety of electric shavers to learn how they work and how close to the skin they cut.
the shaver goy
For their testing they brought in a goy to test the shavers on his facial hair and see how they work.
According to what they say, most electric shavers are halachically problematic, as they get very close to the skin and pull the hair follicles up from beneath the surface of the skin and then cut them. The only existing certification on an electric shaver is given by the beis din of Rav Mordechai Gross, besides for several certified by the Tzomet Institute headed by National Zionist rabbis.
the rabbis testing the shavers on the shaver goy are investigating the various machines and will decide soon regarding any kosher shavers and their certification.
source: Kikar
Hey, you cannot test it on a Jew, just in case the shaver is no good! And that's how we get the "Shaver Goy"...
Looking for ideas... what else can we move the kashrut certification business into? What else can we use a goy for?
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