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the Shabbos Morning Wedding

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Have you ever gone to a wedding on a Shabbos?
A couple got married last week, on a Monday night, in Bnei Braq. On Friday night, after sheva brachos, the kalla was talking to her sisterand told her a funny story about how the ring they had ordered had been a mistake - the wrong ring had come. The store made a mistake.
Sure enough one tells the other and someone says it is a problem and the marriage might not be good. Perhaps the kalla did not have intention to accept the marriage base don this ring and the chosson did not intend to marry with this ring. The rav decided that the couple could not stay together that Friday night, as perhaps they are not married. The Shabbos morning sheva brachos could also not be performed, as there is no chosson and kalla.
On Shabbos morning, with a small group of people, he performed the wedding for them again in his office, using an old ring of hers.Weddings are not normally performed on Shabbos, but they relied on the Rama who says in great need it is possible.
It also seems that at the original wedding itself they had to do the ring ceremony twice because the witnesses had said they did not hear the "harei at" the first time so the rav made them redo it.
source: Behadrei and Kikar
1. Mazel tov! Many times over, mazel tov!
2. it would seem this couple is destined to have many challenges to overcome..
3. I would guess that they did not notice the difference in the ring until after the fact. Had they noticed before the wedding, I would think that they had accepted this ring as the ring and decided to marry with it, and it should be fine. The fact that the question is if they intended to marry with this ring surely means they only noticed after the fact.
4. did they have to start sheva brachos over again starting from Shabbos?
5. how did the rav write them a new kesuba on Shabbos morning? They could not use the original one, as the date in it is wrong. I wonder what they did about that. Without a kesuba they would not have been allowed to stay together until after shabbos when it could be written.
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