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The Sexiest Bites from the True Blood Panel at Comic-Con

Posted on the 19 July 2012 by Thevault @The_Vault

Over at Inside True Blood’s Blog, they give us a summary of the “sexiest bytes” from the Panel that took place last weekend at Comic Con 2012.  Read about it below:

tb cast 580x358 The Sexiest Bites from the True Blood Panel at Comic Con

The True Blood cast has been coming to Comic-Con so long now that their panel has practically become an institution. And like any well-seasoned TV stars, they knew exactly how to deliver the hotness:
Alan Ball dished out some faerie stripper action.
You’ve already seen the club – it’s not a strip club per se, as it is more a burlesque club. We will see other faeries and other people in various states of undress … Sort of playing off the strip club in Charlaine’s books, we decided to make it a club where faeries just hung out and had a good time, which sometimes means having their way with humans. We wanted to be more adult, more sensual … more sort of soft-core porno faerie.
Alexander Skarsgard and Stephen Moyer relived their trunk scene.
Skarsgard: That scene was originally probably six minutes long, and it ended up being like a 10-second scene because …

Moyer: We couldn’t do it without laughing. But we did rehearse it all weekend … We both received emails from Alan, the lord and master. So we ended up kind of going in to see the principal and getting our wrists slapped.
Rutina Wesley is digging her new tiny leather clothes.
I have the feeling that Pam pulled Tara aside at some point and made her up. I remember my mother called me on Monday and was like, “That bustier was rockin’!” And I was like, “Um, thanks mom?” But it’s been fun to dress up this year and kinda have them thangs out.
Alan Ball promised three new romances – and lots more sex.
Regarding new romances … yes, I can think of three that are going to happen. Three new romances this season. And … there’s also a lot of other people having sex. But those don’t really count as romances.
Joe Manganiello has a super-racy favorite scene.
My favorite scene of all time was Valentine’s Day, last year at the lake, making a Sookie sandwich with Alex. Two naked dudes screaming, “I’ll f**king kill you!” with Anna in the middle and, like, a wolf running around in the background. That’s ‘True Blood’ to me.


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