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The Seven Ravens

By Itellyouastory

There was once a  man who had  seven sons, and last  of all onedaughter. Although the little girl was very pretty,  she was so weak andsmall  that they thought she  could not  live; but  they said  sheshould  at once  be christened.

So the father  sent one of  his sons in  haste to the  spring to getsome water, but the other six ran with him. Each wanted to be first atdrawing the water, and so they  were in such a hurry  that all let theirpitchers fall into the well, and they stood very foolishly looking atone  another, and did not know what to do, for  none dared go home. Inthe meantime  the father was uneasy,  and could not  tell what  made theyoung  men stay  so long. «Surely,» said he, «the  whole seven must haveforgotten  themselves over some game of play’; and when he had waitedstill longer and they  yet did not come, he flew into a rage and wishedthem all turned into  ravens. Scarcely had he spoken these words when heheard a croaking over his head, and looked up  and saw  seven ravens  asblack  as coal  flying round  and round. Sorry as he was to see hiswish so fulfilled, he did not know  how what was done could be undone,and  comforted himself as well as he  could for the loss of  his sevensons  with his dear  little daughter, who  soon became stronger andevery day more beautiful.


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