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THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE 2012 So Yesterday I Finally Received My...

By Lauramoodley


So yesterday I finally received my September Issue of American Vogue which a friend kindly agreed to send me weeks ago, when it hit the US shelves - Snail mail just doenst begin to describe the postal system does it?

Boasting to be the biggest, heaviest and thickest magazine ever published, this was such an exciting fashion moment to witness this year! I immediately lay on my bed and flicked through the pages cover to cover (though at almost 1000 pages, i did have to stop for a tea break in the middle - what? its heavy!)

So what did i discover inside? Page after glossy page of fabulous Winter 2012 fashion of course! lots of embroidery, fur & texture, Colour, over-sized coats, Leather and…well A lot of stuff, every trend that you could imagine.

From the Lady gaga cover which got us all excited when the press release hit the internet last month to the amazing Dior pull-outs which give us a glimps at the underpinings of those stunning Dior Dresses.

 I was of course expecting advertising…but not 95% of the pages to be just that! I was a good 3 or 400 pages in before I even got to the editors letter, and found there to be many double page features of brands which needn’t take up so much space - 4 pages for Chanel fashion and white walls for example. 

Pleasantly surprising though was the inclusion of high street brands such as Topshop and inside features on new designers and beauty - usually found in the free supplement. Although the first half of the book was sparce on any editorial content such as articles, interviews and Vogue photography, the later half was happily how I had hoped. Interviews with designers such as Chrisopher Kane, editorial photoshoots for the current season an article about how to wear fur & of course the long awaited gaga interview, plus many more.

This 2 tiered design makes the book a magazine within a magazine, adverts first, reading later, so that just when you are getting bored with drooling over the Lanvin prints or Prada beading, you finally come across something to get your teeth into. 

I must confess that it took me so long to flick through the magazine, that i havent yet been able to sit down and read it - but theres always bed time :)

See the last Image above to compare this months vogue US with another glossy fashion mag of a regular size!  However will they manage next year?

xoxo LLM

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