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The Secret Friend

Posted on the 09 August 2011 by Kaiser31083 @andythemovieguy
The Secret FriendWhile many movies are padded with exorbitant special effects and unneeded dialogue, sometimes a filmmaker can say all that needs to be said with a 15 minute short. "The Secret Friend" is such a film as it tells its succinct and nicely realized story. Taking place in a New York City house filled with black and white family pictures, a recently widowed elderly woman spends her time alone watering her plants. After a visit from a concerned neighbor, she begins to receive phone calls from a caller who does not say a thing. At first irrate with the calls, she begins to embrace them, speaking into the dead air. As the calls continue, the woman finds her life being rejuvenated as she begins to revisit favorite books and hobbies. Written and competently directed by Flavio Alves from a short story by João Silvério Trevisan, "The Secret Friend" is a strange story with fine touches of humor and sentiment. Viola Harris does nice work as well in the lead role. Finding success on the festival circuit, including winning the Best Fiction Short Prize at our Cleveland International Film Festival, "The Secret Friend" is an amiable film and a fine way to spend 15 minutes.

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