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The Second Amendment Sign Thief

Posted on the 26 September 2013 by Mikeb302000
Somer town officials tell that the sign was removed because it was on public property and therefore a code violation. Gibson maintains that the sign was on his property and is currently obtaining a new land survey to be certain.(COURTESY OF JOE GIBSON)
Fox A New York man, frustrated when his pro-Second Amendment sign kept disappearing, was surprised when the hidden camera he set up revealed the culprit to be a local cop.
Jon Gibson, of rural Lake Lincolndale, about 50 miles north of New York City, told he set up a hunting field camera near the sign, which reads "Protect the Second Amendment," and features the silhouette of an assault rifle, after two mysteriously vanished. A third sign disappeared before the camera finally captured the sign stealer -- a police officer from the nearby Somers Police Department. Somers Town Supervisor Mary Beth Murphy told that the signs were indeed on public property -- within 15 feet of the road -- and were removed to comply with town ordinances. “The town does not allow signs in the right of way,” Murphy said. “The police chief had received numerous complaints from neighbors and it was determined that the sign was posted in the right of way.” What I'm enjoying about this story is the way it conflicts with the pro-gun pitch. Rank and file cops are on their side, they keep telling us. Most of the good citizens too, but this case seems to tell a very different story.
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