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The Scramble for America by Gun Imperialists

Posted on the 23 January 2014 by Mikeb302000
Another video from Tom Diaz, who says this about it:
America has become the last great colony of the gun imperialists. Like the colonies of history, we suffer the loss while they reap the profits. And like all imperialists, the gun imperialists prefer to rule us indirectly, through a system of stooges, like the NRA. NSSF, and the US Congress.

Tom's comment is an interesting observation if we consider that the original Boston Tea Party was a protest against a monopoly (The British East India Company) receiving preferred treatment in the colonial system and the War for American Independence was a fight against colonialisation.  In this case, colonialisation doesn't need to be political, it can be economic as well.   After all, a colony is a place where its resources and wealth are stripped to enrich the colonial power.
So, instead of being a "patriot", you lot are far more supporters of the colonial system.  That may be unwitting supporters, but supporters nonetheless.  It also adds the irony that the AK-47 is no longer the gun of "freedom", but one which is serving to oppress your nation.
Like it or not, living under the gun usually does not mean "freedom" in most political lexicons.  Instead, it denotes repression.  But, the US debate around this issue is nonsensical as far as the gun rights movement is concerned.  The gun rights movement twists the facts and turns them into something out of a weird dystopian novel.
The gun rights movement is not offering freedom, it is placing US society under the gun.

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