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By Jlynnn @Jlynnn
Since moving to Vancouver there seems to be a lot more going on here than in Calgary with fashion - which I am extremely pleased with. Obviously Vancouver isn't going to be like New York, or Paris or any of the other fashion capitals of the world, but I feel the need to start going out to as many "functions" lets say, as possible while I'm  here. After all the business is really about who you know. So here are a few things I would like to check out. 
the sceneGastown's Times Profile Shop (231 Cambie Steet)The Times Profile shop specializes in bringing in and stocking the entire store with one brand (currently housing Canadian denim brand Naked and Famous), and this month its Alternative Apparel. 60 pieces of their spring/summer 2011 will be featured for the next 3 months. Seems like a pretty interesting way to set up shop, so I'm going to try and make some time to check it out. Any local bloggers care to join?the sceneLater on in the month (Feb18th) Pyramid Power is having a launch party at the Waldorf Hotel. Pyramid Power is a magazine that showcases the best in international contemporary art, fashion and literature. I feel like this may also be something interesting to check out. (Read more about the magazine here)
Also would like to do a shout out to fellow classmate and blogger Katie! She writes a fabulous blog about life here in vancouver and going to school. Check it out here. It really is a great read. 

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