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The Same 4 Walls

By Maryangela @maryangelav

The Same 4 WallsAt the end of my stay of Jackson Memorial Rehabilitation Center, thats all I wanted to do is get out of there…

“Why am I here then? Did I do wrong? Did I sin against someone? Was there an incident, a specific thing someone can point to? Can I have an explanation please? CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHAT IS GOING ON???Of course, no-one answers. Just the blank stare of the same four walls.  Those walls. I know them in a way humans shouldn’t come to know walls. I know every crack, every stain, every bump, every streak. Just the four walls , the hole in the floor, the empty plate and me.Don’t leave me here forever. Will I be here forever? Or for the rest of my life? And what’s the difference, exactly?Will the walls outlive me, or will I move outside them once again?”

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