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The Salad

By Itellyouastory

As a merry  young huntsman was  once going briskly  along through awood, there came up a little  old woman, and said to  him, «Good day,good  day; you seem  merry enough,  but I  am hungry  and thirsty;  dopray  give  me something to eat.» The huntsman took pity on her, and puthis hand in  his pocket and gave her  what he had. Then  he wanted to gohis way; but  she took hold of him, and said, «Listen, my friend, towhat I am going to tell you; I will reward you for your kindness; goyour way, and after a  little time you will come to  a tree where youwill  see nine birds sitting on  a cloak. Shoot into  the midst ofthem, and  one will fall  down dead:  the cloak will fall too; take it,it is a wishing-cloak, and when you wear  it you will find yourself atany place where you may wish to be. Cut open the dead bird, take out itsheart and keep it, and  you will find a piece  of gold under your pillowevery morning when you rise. It is the bird’s heart that will bring youthis good luck.»


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