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The Sacrificial Man by @RuthDugdall

By Pamelascott
What I want to say is that suicide is my choice. No-one else is to blame. Man seeks beautiful woman for the journey of a lifetime: Will you help me to die? The Sacrificial Man by @RuthDugdall

When Probation Officer Cate Austin is given her new assignment, she faces the highest-profile case of her career. Alice Mariani is charged with assisted suicide and Cate must recommend a sentence.

Alice insists her story is one of misinterpreted love, forcing those around her to analyse their own lives. Who is to decide what is normal and when does loyalty turn to obsession? Investigating the loophole that lies between murder and euthanasia, Cate must now meet the woman who agreed to comply with her lover's final request. Shocking revelations expose bitter truths that can no longer be ignored.


[Trains terminated here]


(Legend Press, 19 November 2019, 288 pages, ARC from @Legend_Press, #BlogTour 7 December 2019 #Legend100)



I own a couple of books by the author but haven't got round to reading them yet. If this delight is anything to go by I've missed out and need to rectify the situation ASAP. I was very much looking forward to reading this book. I've never read a book that deals with assisted suicide. I have strong personal options about it and was looking forward to seeing how the author tackled the subject. This is a very complex story and the author gradually reveals there's much more going on that meets the eye or indeed Alice is willing to share. Alice is one of the most complex yet disturbing at times characters I've ever come across and I was strangely fascinated and repulsed by her. This is a well written, original and compelling book. I enjoyed the time I spent completely lost in it.

Sacrificial @RuthDugdall

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