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The Rumble Roller: The Ultimate Foam Roller (Review)

By Jessicashaw

The Rumble Roller Review

Foam rolling and self-myofascial release. No longer just for high-performance athletes or those trying to navigate an injury, it’s a practice that is being adopted by gym-goers and athletes of all stripes.

Whether it’s a foam roller, a lacrosse ball, or a Tiger Tail, self-myofasical release is the thing to do. The benefits of foam rolling it have been shown over and over again:

  • Rolling helps you to increase flexibility and mobility. Particularly when it is combined with static stretching, rolling can help you develop some epic flexibility and mobility.
  • You will recover faster between your workouts. For athletes and serious lifters this is the biggie—being able to kick-start the process of recovery so that they can bounce back faster.
  • Helps reduce muscle soreness. We’ve all had those workouts that have left us a sore, shaking mess for a couple days. Rolling after your workout and again a couple times before the next 48 hours has been shown to significantly decrease DOMS (delayed onsent muscle soreness).

So, yeah, foam rolling is a good time.

But you’ve tried the blue and soft foam roller at the gym. You’ve tried the Triggerpoint Grid roller. And now it’s time for something a little more challenging. Perhaps there is a muscle group that is harder to hit with the flat surface of a regular foam roller. Or you’re ready to attack the knots and tightness with reckless abandon.

Enter, the Rumble Roller.

The Rumble Roller: The Ultimate Foam Roller (Review)

For those who aren’t used to foam rolling, the Rumble Roller will feel like a medieval torture device the first time you use it. The dense fingers will prod deeply and ruthlessly. While this isn’t ideal for most people, for those who are particularly dense in muscle, or those who are used to foam rolling and are looking to really get into those nooks and crannies, the Rumble Roller can be just the ticket.

Here’s what ya need to know about one of the best foam rollers on the market today.

The Rumble Roller vs. Regular Foam Rollers

The main difference between the Rumble Roller and the other foam rollers out there, notably the popular TriggerPoint Grid rollers, are the knobs that cover the surface of the roller. The point of these bad boys? Well, besides to inflict some serious discomfort, is to mimic the fingers and thumbs of a massage therapist.

While a foam roller allows you to push against a muscle, the Rumbler allows you to wage full-scale war on it, kneading and opening the muscle tissue in the same way that a well-trained massage therapist would get all up in there.

The depth of the knobs or plastic fingers allow you to better position yourself so that you aren’t throwing undue weight on bones or ligaments—with the Rumble Roller you can really get in there and hit troublesome spots and knots without compromising soft or tender areas.

Who is the Rumble Roller for?

  • Ideal for those with lots and lots of muscle.
  • The Rumble Roller is likely not for you if you are bonier than most.
  • Accessing hard to reach areas that the flat surface of a foam roller can’t really get at. The Rumbler is my go-to for hitting the muscles around my shoulder blade. As a lifelong swimmer I’ve always incurred my fair share of knots in hard-to-roll areas on my upper back and scaps: the Rumble Roller helps me hit them with impunity.

For the particularly hard-core, the Rumble Roller comes in an extra firm density (black) and a slightly less firm density (blue).

Other fun facts about the Rumble Roller:

  • It doesn’t role as smoothly as a regular foam roller. With those long jagged knobs come a slower, less fluid roll.
  • The Rumble Roller comes in two different sizes, in 12” and 31” in length.
  • As mentioned, they come in two different colors and densities. The black Rumble Roller is the denser of the two.
  • They are coated with an antimicrobial additive that helps fight bacterial growth: good to know for those of us that are sharing one at the gym.
  • Like the idea of the Rumble Roller, but are intimidated by the depth of those gnarly looking knobs? The same company produces a similar looking roller with more shallow knobs called the Rumble Roller Gator.
  • Built to last. The Rumble Roller is sturdy as balls. Unlike the regular rollers, el Rumble is built with a proprietary EVA foam core that lasts.
  • Random factoid: the Rumble Roller is also water-proof, making it ideal for those super sweaty days at the gym.

Where to Buy the Rumble Roller

Rumble Roller Review Black

The Rumble Roller: The Ultimate Foam Roller (Review)

The Rumble Roller: The Ultimate Foam Roller (Review)

The Rumble Roller: The Ultimate Foam Roller (Review)

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