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The Root of Societies Problems

By Ryanshelton7 @LivingVipassana

Yeah, I was one of those kids that wanted to save the world. I’ve gone through many iterations of deconstructing and reconstructing this thought, and I’m wondering if it’s time to deconstruct it again. I’ve grown to realize that I’m just one person among billions, that the idea of saving the world is full of ego, and the assumption that the world needs saving is a poor way of framing the challenges we face, but nevertheless, I find myself believing that I’m at the pinnacle of the solution.

The world can certainly become healthier, and I can definitely contribute in a positive way, and I’ve started to believe that meditation is not only the solution to purify my mind at the root level, but that it’s the fundamental tool to purify the root of the world’s problems. Is my ego popping into play again here? Am I overstating the potential and strength of Vipassana? Am I becoming the supporter of another fundamental religion that is proposing to have the right answers?

I think this is an oversimplification of the situation, but it reminds me how careful I need to be, and how careful the organization should be regarding its mission. It seems healthier to stick with the simple successes of Vipassana. I meditate because it helps me to live a healthier, happier, more peaceful life. I support other people in learning this practice so they can potentially receive these same benefits. I leave the questions of whether this practice can make a significant impact on society to dhamma. At least I’ll try to think and live in this way. Time to meditate.

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