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the Role of God in Free Planet?

Posted on the 18 July 2015 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
the role of God in Free Planet?
"To all intents and purposes, GOD has no role in Free Planet."
Seriously, I've discussed the role of God in Free Planet with both Muslims and Christians and the sheer cynicism of the Religious+State issue is tax-deductively mind-numbing (to Free Planet). Sure, there 'might be a god or great universal creative force' or it might just be us, that's You The People and I. We just don't know, nor can we prove it. Agnostic Planet would be a more appropriate self-declaration than 'atheist planet', so where does this leave us?
Too strong? Absolutely not. Religion and the Tax-funding of the GM or Godma Machine is the key enslaving instrument of modern society. And it's been a long slog through many Inquisitions or Fascisms of State. We think (because we're taught to) that because we believe AON or Any Old Nonsense, it's real. When you compare 'belief in fire-side fantasies' to the ABSOLUTE REALITY OF LIVING AND BREATHING here on a finite resource world like any planet in any star system, nothing BigR or Religion tells us is provably real. It's a story. It's a mind-control mechanism. It's a way to earn money for State+God. That's it, there's no other conclusion...
You are being financially ripped off by your God, at least by the GFO or Golden Financial Organisation calling itself The Church or The Mosque or any other worshipping place as locations in a big money scam. The arbitrary (horse has bolted) laws and amendments that govern who you are as a race/religion and what you do as a human being in the context of this Corporate Prison known as Modern Life are directed not towards some 'being in the sky' and only deal with how much money the State can make in God's name.
We need to START AT HOME, and Earth (or Free Planet) is our Real Home with Real Issues and Real Potential to Be. You want your beliefs... "Believe that Free Planet is greater than all the cynical inventions of Man."

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