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The Robber Bridegroom

By Itellyouastory

There was once a  miller who had  one beautiful daughter,  and as shewas grown up, he was anxious that she should be well married andprovided for. He said to himself, «I will give  her to the firstsuitable man who  comes and asks  for her  hand.» Not  long after  asuitor  appeared, and  as  he appeared to be  very rich and  the millercould see nothing  in him  with which to find fault, he  betrothed hisdaughter to  him. But the girl  did not care for the man  as a girlought to  care for her betrothed  husband. She did not feel that shecould trust  him, and she could not look at  him nor think of himwithout an inward  shudder. One day he said to her,  «You have not yetpaid  me a visit,  although we have  been betrothed for  some time.» «Ido not know where your house is,» she answered. «My house is out therein the dark forest,» he said. She tried to excuse herself by  sayingthat she would not  be able to  find the way  thither. Her betrothedonly replied, «You must  come and see  me next Sunday;  I have alreadyinvited guests for that day, and  that you may not mistake  the way, Iwill  strew ashes along the path.»


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