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The Right Wingers Are a Bunch of Whiners

Posted on the 14 February 2013 by Doggone

I get tired of the right wingers whinging on and on and on about how they are the victims in our society, and how OTHER groups embrace an ideology of being perpetual victims. NO group is a whinier bunch of big over-privileged babies than the right.
I particularly liked the Nugie photo bomb. Nice touch, given how thoroughly both Nugent and Paul Rand were largely ignored after the SOTU speech, and Rubio was just laughed at.
Conservatives in the GOP abandoned black Americans long ago, well before '52 (as the song lyrics below reference), and they have never really embraced or supported any other minority group.  So between the reference to the lies and the token Hispanic attempt to knock on the door of the minority vote for the GOP, without actually changing any of the underlying hostility inherent in the party's policies and platform planks, the following music seemed an appropriate response to Rubio, the Nugie, and the modern GOP that is so utterly NOT the party of Lincoln.
Sing it! Sing it LOUD!

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