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The Right Way to Do Dog Food-Training

By Hundidocom @hundidopuppy
dog food-training

Food is an all-important aspect of canine life, and therefore food rewards are likely to get the desired behavior results you require. Food-training (ex. teaching your dog to sit, stay and wait before he’s given his food, and to leave it until he’s given permission to eat) marks a good start to achieving obedience in all other areas of behavior.

Food can be a very valuable reinforcer (paycheck!) for dogs during training. It’s one of a very short list of things that dogs are born already knowing is good. While most dogs easily learn to enjoy praise, petting and play – all of which also make good rewards — food still holds a special place in their mind due to its primal nature.Some people express concern about using food in training, worried they will create a dog who will only work if he knows there’s food. This is a valid concern, as it can happen if food is mis-used. The trick is to make sure that food is being used as a reward and not a bribe. There’s a big difference! -source
Most dogs will do anything for a tasty treat. Identify which treats your pet loves and you’re on to a winner. Some dogs adore fresh fruits and vegetables, such as dessert apples, greens and tender young carrots, while all are usually partial to sliced hot dog sausage and cooked liver pieces. Some commercially produced treats are also very popular.If you use treats to reward while training, make sure you have a supply in your pocket (or bag) and that they’re chopped up into tiny pieces, otherwise your dog will get very fat very quickly.dog food bagimage sourceLearn how to food-train correctly, and then how to employ this principle as fast and effective route to gaining a well-behaved dog.

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