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The Right Is At Odds With Other People On Global Warming

Posted on the 24 April 2015 by Jobsanger
The Right Is At Odds With Other People On Global Warming
The Right Is At Odds With Other People On Global Warming
The conservative Republicans are out of touch with other Americans on many issues (more tax cuts for rich and corporations, offshoring of American jobs, raising the minimum wage, cutting Social Security benefits, privatizing Medicare, deregulating Wall Street, funding education, taking care of the poor, etc.). And it is no different with global climate change (commonly called global warming).
The Gallup Poll combined all their surveys for the last five years (surveying 6,154 adults) on the issue of global climate change, and came up with the numbers in the charts above. The margin of error for each group is 3 to 4 points. Respondents were divided according to their political preference -- liberal Democrat, moderate Democrat, Independent, Moderate Republican, and conservative Republican.
Note that a majority of every group (but the conservative Republicans) have a significant majority saying the effects of global climate change will be felt in our lifetimes. This even includes moderate Republicans (64%). The ONLY group disagreeing, with only 37% saying it will be in our lifetimes, is the conservative Republicans group, and 40% of them say the effects will never be felt.
And it's not just with the global climate change timeline that conservatives are out of step. Independents (54%), moderate Democrats (67%), and liberal Democrats (81%) all say that global climate change is due to human activity -- while moderate Republicans are basically split (49% to 47%). Only the conservative Republicans disagree -- with 27% saying human activity and a whopping 70% saying it is due to natural cycles.
It is just a fact that most Americans believe global climate change is real and is caused by human activity. Unfortunately, due to some effective gerrymandering in 2010, the Republicans control both houses of Congress -- and almost all of them come from the conservative wing of that party. These are the climate change deniers, and that means nothing significant will be done to curb global climate change until at least 2017 (assuming enough of them can be voted out of office by then).
The conservatives are more worried about corporate profits than saving the Earth. They have no future vision, but only care about how big a profit their corporate masters can make this year.

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