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The Right Chemistry Now Includes Your Credit Score

By Datecoachtoni @CoachToni

It used to be “what’s your sign,” “Can we exchange STD tests,” and/or “what are you most looking for in a partner?” Now, first dates are commonly including the “what’s your credit score” question. It appears that in this new world of high unemployment, escalating costs of tuition, housing and other necessities, and the drive to build a financially secure future- a potential partner’s credit score has become an important component of relationship chemistry.

Romance isn’t necessarily dead, it’s just gotten more practical. Singles are increasingly reporting this trend and websites are springing up that use credit scores as a main attraction for those seeking people to date. After all, many younger singles are reporting that they are buried under student loan debt and have had a hard time finding and securing good employment since finishing school. All of this impacts their ability to rent an apartment, get a car, take out a loan or eventually, purchase a house. Credit scores are being used by potential employers as well- so one’s financial security and lifestyle can rest squarely on having an adequate one.

When someone decides on a partner, they will be assuming their debt as part of the marital finances. If the debt is large it will impact everything from where and how they live to choices involving starting a family and what career path they most want to pursue.

All this means that anyone out there looking for love should already be taking steps to build and protect their credit- and if not, this should be a top resolution for 2013. Good looks and charm will only get you so fat in today’s dating world. A great credit score is quickly becoming the new #1 attraction for finding happy love.

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