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The Reprise of the CCW Visitor.

Posted on the 17 October 2011 by Mikeb302000
Remember him? He is the armed guest?
It seems the wives compared notes on the incident afterward.
The guest's wife told him not to bring the gun. But it seems that he was too macho to have listened to her in the first place. He had to bring a gun even though he was traveling through a low crime area on a social visit.
The basic bottom line, It's rude and aggressive to carry a gun into a home where you don't live. Even if the people are gun owners, they can still feel annoyed at this sort of behvaviour. Etiquette would require the gun owner to find out about bringing a weapon before entering.
The general consensus was that the armed guest wanted to make an impression, but the only one he made was a bad one.
And don't expect to be invited back if you make a bad impression.

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