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the Real Crime of Ehud Olmert

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
I used to listen to Avshalom Kor on the radio all the time. I think he is great. He somehow turns a boring topic - language and grammar - into something interesting.
Kor, speaking to students about the Hebrew language, commented that Olmert's greatest crime was not the corruption he was involved in - that's just money, and money wrongly taken can be returned. The real crime, Kor said, is that in the generation of the renewal of Jews in Israel the fact that Olmert built a neighborhood in Jerusalem and named it "Holyland", instead of a proper Hebrew name, is the greatest of his crimes.
source: Srugim
I say book him on that too.
Funnily enough, Kor also said that whenever he hears a Member of Knesset talking on the radio and making grammar mistakes he sends a text message letting him know of the mistake. Kor is a grammar ninja!
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