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The Real Argument Against The Doctor Becoming a Woman

Posted on the 17 July 2017 by House Of Geekery @houseofgeekery

There isn't one.

Seriously, when you broflakes start getting angry at SJWs it's impossible to determine who's the whiniest.

Unless you've had your head stuck in the sand this past 24 hours, the popular character of The Doctor in long running series Doctor Who is going to be played by Jodie Whitaker who is, by all accounts, a woman. This has resulted in predictable hand-wringing from grumpy sods who just can't stand the idea of a woman taking a role that's usually played by a man. We jumped on to a Doctor Who Facebook page and grabbed the first couple of negative reactions we saw:

The Real Argument Against The Doctor Becoming a Woman

Here's a few counter-arguments to consider.


It's a science-fiction/fantasy show. The Doctor is not a human. He's (before you point it out, I'm sticking with the male descriptors because The Doctor is, at time of writing, male) never been bound by the expectations or norms of human society. He has two hearts, is mostly immune to radiation and travels through time in a Police Box. He's encountered cat people, rhinoceros people, dangerous tin cans, deadly statues and creatures who appear to be made of spaghetti. He's met Satan. He's not real, the show can literally do what they want with him. Making the Doctor a woman is far from the craziest thing they've done on the show.


Wow, what a crime. How dare they respond to what a massive number of their fans have hoped they would do for years. But a vocal minority would be OFFENDED by this! They've been suggesting this as a possibility for years, and, being the major production it is, the producers would be looking at how people have responded. Trying something new because the audience is interested in seeing it happen isn't bad thing, and claiming it is makes you look like a fool.


How do you know? Maybe I'm a weirdo, but I'd rather see it before it judge it. It might suck. It might not. If you're going to stomp your feet and slam your bedroom door and claim that you're never watching it again based on then you're acting like a child.


Wow. What the hell are you basing this on? I've seen James Bond, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Spider-Man and every other major pop culture figure banded about as being at potential risk for gender swaps. The counter-argument is easy: why on Earth would they? When it's established that Batman can morph into a new person then your barmy hypothetical might have a point (a stupid point, granted, but at least it would be real). The Doctor changes into new versions of himself every couple of seasons. Sometimes he's older, sometimes younger, sometimes tall and sometimes short, sometimes light haired and sometimes dark haired. It has been clearly established in the show's mythology that switching genders during regeneration is the norm. He's not even the first one to do it.


Because we've got some already. River, Sarah Jane, Leela, Tegan, Rose, Romana, Missy...adding a new 'strong female character' is just adding another to a crowd. Which is great, all these characters have been cool additions to the show. But doing the same thing time and time again will get boring. The show already feels like it's in a rut. Mixing up the main character and doing something different can add new life the show. If you don't want them to try something new, stick to rewatching the William Hartnell episodes on a loop.


Doing something just because it's 'always' been done that way is downright ridiculous. We move on, we change, we make mistakes and we change. Maybe this shift will be a mistake for the show, maybe it'll be an improvement, but if we don't change we won't know which one it is. Do you really need to have it pointed out that doing the same thing time and time again is a terrible idea? Crack open any history book and look at the past. Now this is just a TV show, but it can function as a microcosm of responses to change. Most people welcome it, some people fear it. And those who fear it seem to be expressing their subsequent anger on Doctor Who Facebook pages.

So that's my view. Before you jump into the comments to complain about being trolled by a clickbait title or what a 'cuck' I am, let's share a riddle! Tell me if you've heard it before...

A child and his father are in a car accident. They are rushed to the hospital. When they doctor walks in they say "I can't treat this child, he's my son!" How can this be?

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