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The Razors Edge by Colin Drake

By Hanumandass @HanumanDass

The Razor’s Edge

The Katha Upanishad urges the wise,

To merge the mind into the Self and great peace,

By seeing That in which speech and thoughts arise,

Awareness, in which all ‘sound and fury’ cease.

But then it says that this path is too narrow,

Like a razor’s edge, and difficult to tread.

Thus to a great teacher we should go,

Forsaking inquiry, following them instead.

However, this advice with problems is fraught,

For such persons are very difficult to find,

And commentaries on past teachings always distort …

Direct seeing’ appeals more to the modern mind.

This is simply accomplished by investigation,

Of our moment-to-moment experience,

Comprising thoughts, images and sensations,

In Awareness, by which them we ‘sense’.

This is the still, silent, constant presence,

Consciousness at rest, the subject that ‘knows’

Objective ‘reality’ –of the same essence

In motion – energy that ebbs and flows.

If with this Awareness we become identified,

Then we can merge the mind into peace.

Labeling  as a separate object is rectified,

Thus all angst and mental suffering cease.

Due to past tendencies, living as This can be hard,

So it can be likened to walking a razor’s edge,

Requiring that we stay alert and on guard;

About awakening, as Awareness, do not hedge!


The Razors Edge by Colin Drake

This poem is based on an article which will soon be available ( plus those I have sent out over the past year) in a new book: Awakening and Beyond, Outcomes of Self-Recognition.

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