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The Raven and the Misfit

By Davedtc @davedtc

The Raven and the MisfitThis is a tale of a nomadic traveler drifting through South East Asia trying to find some meaning in his own life. He is a heavy drinker; the alcohol fuels his travels and at times perhaps his thoughts about life and spirituality.

When he moves to Korat (Thailand) you are there with him, experiencing every lonely thought and misery as he takes a job teaching English.

The character in this story experiences lows and certainly finds himself in a low place after he returns from Korat to Bangkok. But then meets an older man for advice and help when he needs it the most. He has no direction in his life or travels.

Then he meets a woman in Bangkok who immediately lifts him emotionally. Attracted to each other like long lost friends – he finds inspiration and the strength resist the bottle.


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