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The Range of North Korea’s Nuclear Missile

Posted on the 17 March 2013 by Shahalexander
In view of the missile test by Kim Jong-un last December (Onesmall step for Kim Jong Un”; CNN News; December 13, 2012), newly appointed secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel announced to boost missile defense system that the Obama administration cut in the first term (US to boost nuclear missile defence tocounter N Korea; BBC News; 16 March, 2013).  See the map below. Now, US territory Alaska is within the range of North Korean missile. The Range of North Korea’s Nuclear Missile
The threat of North Korea has grown to the level of the Pearl Harbor attack. The Fordow incident (“North Koreans among 40 dead atIran nuke plant”;WND; February 3, 2013) indicates the fear posed by the Axis of Evil primarily constituted of North Korea and Iran. How do we manage dangerous ambitions of both nuclear rogues?

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