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The Racist Right-Wing Militias

Posted on the 21 March 2013 by Jobsanger
The Racist Right-Wing Militias This graphic from the Southern Poverty Law Center is disturbing, and more than a little frightening. It shows the real danger this country is facing -- an armed and racist militia movement on the extreme right. The Republicans don't want to admit this, because they want all the right-wing votes -- even those from truly dangerous groups. And the Democrats are too timid to label these nuts for what they really are.
Why do I say they are racist? Just look at the chart (which shows the number of these dangerous groups between 1995 and 2012). Note that the number of these groups has ballooned since President Obama took office. That's not a coincidence. And it's not because the president is a socialist (or even a liberal). The truth is that he is a moderate, which is why he has disappointed so many progressives. The number of these groups are growing because they are attracting racists, who simply cannot stand the idea of an African-American being in the White House -- no matter how qualified he may be.
The frightening truth is that these racist right-wing extremists pose a much greater danger to this country. That's because they are already in this country, are armed to the teeth, are convinced that only they know what is best, and hate anyone who doesn't agree with them -- and too many of them are willing to kill their fellow citizens.

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