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the Rabbi That Put His Money Where His Mouth is

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
The franchise-owner of the Cofix branch in Ramat Hasharon was going to be making some upsetting news over Pesach. He was planning to kasher his shop for Pesach only on Thursday, and not on Wednesday as per the instructions of the Rabbanut..
the Rabbanut told all the businesses that by Wednesday they need to be kosher for opesach. This branch of Cofix said that this would present a problem for them, as on Thursday they would have nothing to sell, as the Cofix supplier would only be kashering on Thursday. The Rabbanut said that if they don't kasher by Wednesday, they would lose the hechsher.
The owner of the branch was worried about a tremendous loss of money, with almost nothing to sell on Thursday.
The rabbi of the town, Rav Yaakov Edelstein, decided it was too important to not set a precendent and allow an exception to the Rabbanut's rule, so he wrote a check to Cofix for 3000nis to cover the financial losses due to his decision.
The fellow saw this and gave in and accepted his losses. He refused the check and agreed to kasher the shop on Wednesday. All he wanted after that was a bracha from the rabbi.
sources: Behadrei and Kikar
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