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The RA (Really Awful) Summer Show 2013

By Janeslondon
There are three weeks left to see this year's Summer Show at the Royal Academy. But don't panic... it's not worth the effort.
Last year's show was disappointing enough and my friend and I agreed that it was so bad that we might as well enter something ourselves seeing as the standard was so low. The walls were festooned with splodges and half-baked ideas that at aged eight I would have been embarrassed to show my junior school teacher. Many of these, because they were created by established artists with RA after their name had huge price tags, in the tens of thousands.
We forgot to enter anything of our own. But I think had we submitted something and not been selected for this year we would have been even more appalled when seeing what's been chosen.
It has to be the worse Summer Show I have ever been to – more of the same over-sized over-priced seen-it-before churnings from the RA members and even more art as therapy than last year. Some rooms don't look like they have been curated at all as the random hanging/grouping is a mess. A few competent pieces are hidden in amongst all the rubbish.
I was distracted by the patterns my beaded bag was making on my arm. I looked like a plucked bird. So I took some pics and got told off for using my camera in there (ooh, subversive me!).
Here is a montage of those pics. I might enter it for selection next year.
I am calling it "Rather Absorbing / Real Art":
The RA (Really Awful) Summer Show 2013It was cold in there due to the aircon. In these pics you can see the hairs standing up on my gooseflesh skin.
There are couple of good things on show there including Grayson Perry's lovely tapestries, a homage to Hogarth's "The Rake's Progress"  but I advise you to save your pennies... instead, go and take a look at the conveyer belt art for sale further along Piccadilly on the railings of Green Park.

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