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The Quiet of Autumn

By Ozhene @papaver
and suddenly it is Autumn.  There is no getting away from it now, the leaves have turned and many have now blow away.  The signs of Autumn are all around us.
The quiet of Autumn I like Autumn, the garden has its final fling before the cold of Winter descends.
The quiet of Autumn Whilst I am gardening I here the thud of apples falling from the trees.
The quiet of Autumn The seeds are ripening and waiting for collection ready for next year's planting.
The quiet of Autumn  The days tend to start damp, quite often misty, making the leaves shine.
The quiet of Autumn and on the winter flowering cherry the buds are forming.  This tree will begin flowering usually in early December, a sign of hope that even in the dark of winter there is color.
The quiet of Autumn Along with the colours comes the smells of Autumn.  A dampish, mouldy-leaf smell with a hint of slug thrown in.  There is also the quiet, a sudden quiet that descends.  There is suddenly less buzzing and less sound of people out in their gardens.  The sounds of traffic rarely stop in my garden as I am rather near the ring road, but when the wind blows in the right direction even that falls to a faint hum.
I like Autumn.

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