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The Queen Bee

By Itellyouastory

Two kings»  sons once  upon  a time  went into  the  world to  seektheir fortunes; but they  soon fell into  a wasteful foolish  way ofliving,  so that they  could not  return home  again. Then  theirbrother,  who was  a little insignificant dwarf, went out to seek forhis brothers: but when he had found them  they only laughed  at him, tothink that he,  who was  so young and simple, should try to  travelthrough the world, when they,  who were so much wiser, had been unableto get on. However, they all set  out on their journey together, andcame at last to an ant-hill. The two  elder brothers would have pulledit down, in  order to see how the poor ants  in their fright would  runabout  and carry off  their eggs.  But the  little dwarf said, «Let thepoor things  enjoy themselves, I will not suffer  you to trouble them.»

So on they went, and  came to a lake where  many many ducks wereswimming about. The two brothers wanted to catch two, and roast them.But the dwarf said, «Let the  poor things enjoy  themselves, you shallnot kill  them.» Next they came to  a bees’-nest in  a hollow tree, andthere was so  much honey that it ran down the trunk;  and the twobrothers wanted to light  a fire under the tree and kill the bees,  soas to get their honey. But  the dwarf held them back, and said, «Let thepretty insects enjoy  themselves, I cannot let you burn them.»


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