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The Pull List: Must Read Comics of 4/24/13

Posted on the 25 April 2013 by House Of Geekery @houseofgeekery


Batman Incorporated #10

By: Grant Morrison, Chris Burnham

Publisher: DC Comics

Price: $2.99

The Lowdown: Batman Inc ends with issue 12. I’m willing to bet that every single Batman Inc issue from now until the end will definitely make this list.


I Vampire #19

By: Joshua Hale Fialkov, Scott Clark, Andrea Sorrentino

Publisher: DC Comics

Price: $2.99

The Lowdown: This is the final issue, and that is coming as a surprise to me. When the new 52 first started, I, Vampire was a surprisingly awesome book. I thought it was just going to be another Twilight style story. Unfortunately ever since they made the main character into a bad guy, its kind of been boring so at the same time I’m not surprised. Hopefully, Andrew Bennet finds some action in another book.

Ninja Turtles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #21

By: Tom Waltz, Kevin Eastman

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Price: $3.99

The Lowdown: Co-creator of the Turtles, Kevin Eastman, returns to illustrate this special issue which opens the next chapter to the new Turtle saga.

Jonathan Hickman

East Of West #2

By: Jonathan Hickman, Nick Dragotta

Publisher: Image Comics

Price: $3.50

The Lowdown: The first issue of East of West was so awesome. It is a trippy and supernatural look at the end of the world with an Old West bend to it.

Mark Millar

Jupiter’s Legacy #1

By: Mark Millar, Frank Quitely

Publisher: Image Comics

Price: $2.99

The Lowdown: I am not the biggest fan of Mark Millar. I get that he has a really interesting take on the superhero genre but often times it comes off as “shock for shock’s sense.” But he has a following, so I wanted to give a nod to this debut issue that twists the idea of the children of superheroes.


Avengers #10

By: Jonathan Hickman, Mike Deodato, Dustin Weaver

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Price: $3.99

The Lowdown: Everyone probably knows about Alpha Flight, the Canadian superhero team, or at the very least has heard of them. There was a sister group at one point after the death of the team sometime after M-Day that was called Omega Flight. I figured it would disappear soon after but apparently not. They are making a comeback in this issue of the Avengers.


Gambit #11

By: James Asmus, Clay Mann

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Price: $2.99

The Lowdown: I haven’t been really paying attention to this Gambit series. I was looking forward to it at first because I thought it was going to be Marvel Knight style like the new Hawkeye. Not the case. This issue though finds Rogue getting tangled in Gambit’s on-goings.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy #2

By: Brian Michael Bendis, Steve McNiven

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Price: $3.99

The Lowdown: I liked the first issue quite a bit. The only real problem was it was more about Star-Lord and less about the Guardians. I am looking forward of seeing more of the other teammates.

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