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The Pull List: 9/7/2016

Posted on the 06 September 2016 by House Of Geekery @houseofgeekery

Buzz-worthy books of the week

The Pull List: 9/7/2016 Alters #1

A new series about the world's first transgender superhero. An emerging race of superhumans, known as Alters, has the world weary, and one such Alter begins noticing her superhuman change just as she starts transitioning from male to female.

The Pull List: 9/7/2016
Cyborg Rebirth

I am very hesitant to put down another rebirth title. I have found them to be mostly unnecessary transitions from New 52 status quo to the hodge podge continuities that DC is currently. handling. But I find DC's relentness to make Cyborg an important character to the universe at large commendable. I mean, in some way, they ruined all the good work that was done to the character pre-New-52 that would have made his acceptance into the JLA ranks earned but whatever, I guess.

The Pull List: 9/7/2016
Doctor Strange #11

The aftermath of the last days of magic will retell Strange's origin as the Sorcerer Supreme mirrored against his current situation having lost it all.

The Pull List: 9/7/2016
Flintstones #3

In this crazy subverted take on the classic Hanna-Barbara cartoon, the cavemen have to deal with an alien invasion. So, I'm guessing The Great Gazoo isn't far behind.

The Pull List: 9/7/2016
Glitterbomb #1

Our celeb-obsessed culture gets the middle finger in this tale about an aging actress whose struggles to remain relevant in an industry that prefers youth to experience gets the attention of a powerful force.

The Pull List: 9/7/2016
Moon Knight #6

Marc Spector wakes up to find himself in our world as Stephen Grant, an actor who is about to bring the next big Marvel blockbuster to the big screen, bringing Marvel's strangest hero into a super-meta world.

The Pull List: 9/7/2016
Nailbiter #25

The end of the latest arc that is going to leave all the characters with an explanation for the Buckaroo Butchers.

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