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The Pull List: 11/13/2013

Posted on the 13 November 2013 by House Of Geekery @houseofgeekery

Must read comics of 11/13/2013


Avengers Arena #17

Publisher: Marvel Comics

The penultimate issue of Hopeless’ terrorized Marvel teens. This story was SO much better than I ever anticipated it could be, and it’ll be getting a sequel next year.


Deadpool #19

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Deadpool is my favorite comic character of all time. Some people don’t get that. They just see an idiot martial artist with diarrhea of the mouth. But to this day, I believe its because they never read Joe Kelly’s run. Or Cable and Deadpool. Or Uncanny X-Force. Or this new series. They have only seen the one off guest appearances, and no one ever writes Deadpool as a guest character for his depth. This issue supposedly tests Deadpool’s ability to stay funny.

Green Lantern

Green Lantern Corps #25

Publisher: DC Comics

This has to be the weirdest “Batman: Year Zero” tie-in of all of them, just because John Stewart and Batman have the loosest relationship of the rest of tie-ins. With Gotham in blackout, it looks like pre-ringslinger marine, John Stewart, is deployed as part of a peacekeeping group.

batman, nightwing

Nightwing #25

Publisher: DC Comics

See, this one makes more sense. Before the death of his parents, Haley’s Circus just happens to be moving through Gotham during the blackout. Grayson gets separated from them, and he has to brave the ugly streets.


Protocol #1

Publisher: Boom! Studios

Boom! studios new 4 issue series about a government project tasked with picking up orphans around America and turning them into the next generation of superspies.


Superior Spider-Man #21

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Stunner Returns! Back in the ’90s, Doc Ock got himself a lover interest. She was a fat secretary who was Ock’s guinea pig or a tangible 3-D virtual reality project. Her mind goes in, and the thin beautiful woman she always wanted to be comes out, plus superstrength. Last scene, she was in a coma, but now she’s awake and pissed Spidey let Ock die. Oh the irony!


X-Men Gold #1

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Its the X-Men’s 50th anniversary, and all the great creators from Stan Lee to Chris Claremont, jump in to write a new lost story.

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