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The Publisher’s Name Doesn’t Matter

Posted on the 13 February 2013 by Robertcubelo999

People don’t buy books based on who published them. I’m a perfect example of this statement because I can’t tell you who published a book from my favorite author, and I don’t really care. All I care about is the genre, the characters and the story.

Now, I will return to an author that has written a book that I really enjoyed and sample some of their other works and if I’m just as entertained by them as the first one I read, I will start to follow them. I will become part of their fan base.

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When I’m looking for a new author or a different topic for my next read, I do what most people will do when choosing a book to buy, I will do a search based on the reviews given by people just like me. I will search for the highest rating and then I will read reviews left by people who have read it and make my decision based on that.

So why does self-publishing still have such a stigma attached to it? In part I think it is provided by the big publishing houses, the thought being if you aren’t good enough to get a nice contract from a big publishing house your work can’t be that great.

That thinking may have worked back in the days of the Vanity Press but it doesn’t work anymore in this new age of how people go about making a purchase.

With that being said the moral of the story is, write the best book you possibly can and market the heck out of it, give away some copies in return for an honest review. But get out there and do it.

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